RKC 8 Channels Multi-loop Digital Temperature controller MA901-8FT01-VV-4ABW-D6/1/Y

RKC 8 Channels Multi-loop Digital Temperature controller MA901-8FT01-VV-4ABW-D6/1/Y
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RKC 8 Channels Multi-loop Digital Temperature controller MA901-8FT01-VV-4ABW-D6/1/Y

The MA901 controls up to 8 channels in a compact 1/4 DIN size. The MA901 increases zone density and makes smaller numbers of loops affordable, yet still holds many of the advantages that a single loop controller might offer. This unit will aid designers of control equipment by saving labor costs, installation costs, electric panel sizes, and operation costs.


  • 8 channels control
  • Multi-memory area
  • Digital communications    
  • Digital contact input
  • Multiple alarm functions
  • Close horizontal mounting
  • IP65 Waterproof/Dustproof protection

8 channels Control: 8 channels of temperature controls are packed into 96 x 96 x 100mm case. The MA901 can reduce your panel cutouts and make your panel board smaller.                       


Multi-memory area: Up to 8 kinds of combinations of temperature set value, PID constant, alarm set value, etc. for each channel can be registered as "memory area" (recipe) The change of settings caused by the change of a process and product can be simply realized only by switching the "area". The switching of the area by optional external contact input is also available. The available parameters for multi memory area : SV, Alarm set values, PID constants, Anti-reset windup, Overlap/dead band, Setting change rate limiter, Channel used/unused.

Digital communications: An optional communications interface, RS-232C or RS-422A, RS-485 is available for networking to computers, PLCs and SCADA software. MODBUS or ANSI (RKC standard) protocol can be selected. Up to 31 units can be interfaced on one RS-422A or RS-485 communication line.

Digital Contact Input: An optional digital contact input is available for RUN/STOP and memory area switching. (RUN/STOP switching can also be completed at the front key panel.)

Multiple Alarm Functions: The MA901 provides a wide selection of alarm types to configure up to three alarms.

Alarm 1 (Standard) :Temperature alarms, Loop break alarm, FAIL

Alarm 2 (Optional) :Temperature alarms, Heater break alarm, FAIL

Alarm 3 (Optional) :Temperature alarms, FAIL

• Alarm output is common to all channels.


  1. Number of channel: 8 = 8 Channels
  2. Control action type: F:= PID control with auto tuning (Reverse action)
  3. Input type / Input range (This code is common to all channels): T01 = T type thermocouple for temperature from -199.9 to +400.0°C
  4. Output 1: V = Voltage pulse output
  5. Output 2: V = Voltage pulse output
  6. Power supply voltage: 4 = 100 to 240VAC
  7. Alarm 1: A:= Deviation high alarm
  8. Alarm 2 (optional): B = Deviation low alarm
  9. Alarm 3 (optional): W:= SV low alarm
  10. Contact input (optional): D = Contact input (Run/Stop, Memory area transfer)
  11. Communication interface (optional): 6 = RS485 (Modbus)
  12. Waterproof/dustproof (optional): 1 = Waterproof/dustproof

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