Fuji MicRex Programmable Logic Controller NWOP40R-31ZSPE

Fuji MicRex Programmable Logic Controller NWOP40R-31ZSPE
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Fuji MicRex Programmable Logic Controller NWOP40R-31ZSPE Fully Compatible with SPB

• Minicomputers, ultra-small but high standard with a variety of functions PLC.
• Small size is not the installation restrictions: SPE installation is best suited for space-saving control cabinet.
• High-capacity Memory: 4K equipped with large-capacity step (20/30 points basic unit) 8K steps (40/60 base unit). Data capacity for high-capacity is 9K words. It is a programmable controller with sufficient margin.
• High-speed command: The fastest execution time for basic commands 0.44μs, application instruction 2.19μs. It can be adapted to the pursuit of high-speed processing of small machinery. Instruction statement has 211 kinds of rich instruction statements absolutely rich, can build any desired program with floating point instructions, to avoid lengthy program.
• High efficiency, security terminal block structure: loose screw that will bounce terminal can reduce wiring step and screws missing. Indoor pin board construction can guarantee absolute safety.
• When the program can be written RUN: When the program changes be no downtime.
• Corresponds to international specifications: SPE full models are conformed CE, UL / CUL specifications. Further aspects of the individual models are in line with the Marine LR, NK specifications.
• Communication Function: with RS-232C, RS-485 and other communication unit and PC simple connection. And with the most suitable sensors, regulators and other dispersed connected AS-I master unit. Also deal with internet access.
• Direct connection POD: connect via the programming port and the POD. No special communication modules.
• Inheritance existing assets: the FLEX-PC N Series languages. Flexible application of existing resources.
• Rich functionality Scalable Applications
High-speed counting function
pulse output function
pulse capture capabilities
Constant scan function
adjust the pulse width function


Supply Voltage: AC100-200V, DC 24V

Number of Input: 24

Number of Output: 16 Relay Output


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