Omron Slot Type Reflective Photo Sensor EE-SPY402

Omron Slot Type Reflective Photo Sensor EE-SPY402
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Omron Slot-type Reflective Photo micro sensor

Photo micro sensor with light modulation is not influenced by external light.

Sensor; Light-ON; Diffuse Mode Sensing Mode; Photoelectric; 5 mm; Red LED

·  5 mm (0.20 In.) Sensing Distance

·  Light Modulation Effectively Reduces External Light Interference

·  Easy Adjustment and Optical Axis Monitoring with a Light-On Indicator

·  Wide Operating Voltage Range (5 to 24 VDC) Makes Smooth Connection Possible with TTLs, Relays and Programmable Controllers (PLCs)

·  NPN Output Switches 80 mA at 24 VDC

·  Response Frequency: 100 Hz

·  Enclosure Rating: IP50

·  Connector Simplifies Installation and Maintenance: Choose Connector with 1 m Cable (Ee-1003) or Solder Terminals (Ee-1002)

·  Convert NPN to PNP Output with Ee-2001 Conversion Connector

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